Spinworthy One-piece KNack for Sale SOLD please close

I made a KNack today our of a single block of Australian blackwood.

I was planning to send it to KN, but the gap is wider than I meant to make it, so it isn’t a perfect example.

It performs well and response is pretty good, the wider gap just makes it feel a bit different to a regular KNack.

Has an experimental response I’m working on which is much better than just a thin flat inner wall.

It also has deeper than average dimples which I wanted to do simply because it isn’t possible with my usual three piece models.

Its about 51g

$90 shipped to the US.


Really bummed I missed this

It happened in the middle of the night for me :frowning:

There will be plenty more one-pieces coming. I’ve ordered walnut, oak and maple.


Guess I have to watch BST a little closer now…

I can see I am up against two fellow boomers currently…


Well if you miss out, each new one will be better than the one before.


Don’t forget all us lurkers as well…for we are many! Lol

The seedy underbelly of the BST threads :joy:


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