Spinning Metal

(David Napoleon) #1

All are absolutely mint with boxes No trades
All will ship next day usps first class USA only incl.
All prices are negotiable-ish PayPal f&f or pay the fees
All remaining yoyos have NSK micro DS platinum

I have the same username as before the reset and have sold and purchased yoyos here as well as Facebook and eBay. I live in Arizona. I usually ship by the following morning in excellently packaged boxes. I have only positive feedback and you can buy with confidence from an adult collector. Thank you

G2 Wolf Arkham Swirl a grade mint with all goodies

G2 Pelican a grade berries and cream mint with all goodies. Only a small amount of a grade pelicans exist

Tundra raw #14 mint with box

Ti peak is #78 mint in the box. Original owner, I purchased during the drop

000 is new, thrown all of five minutes. #28 of 40. Retail was $295 shipped. I purchased it during the drop

Clyw Scout is “wildfire” colorway, extremely rare color and the only one I’ve seen. Comes with original box and patch, mint and smooth

Armament reloaded is “bloody knight” colorway original owner and mint

YYR e=mc2 is mint with original box and dead smooth

G2 Pelican————$200
G2 Wolf——————$200
Luftverk tundra——$295
Luftverk Ti peak—-$250
Luftverk 000———$280
Clyw Scout————$110
Clyw borealis———$70
YYWS armament—-$80
Gruntbull orbis 5—-$50
YYR e=mc2————$55

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Wow some suuuper nice stuff in here :heart_eyes:

(David Napoleon) #10

Bump for price drops


That TiPeak looks awfully tasty… :thinking:


E=mc^2 :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

(David Napoleon) #13

Deals be had here

(Tyler) #14

Here’s your chance to snag up a Luftverk :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I know. I just gotta figure out how to drum up $250 after all the damage I’ve already done to my wallet.

What’s the consensus on the TiPeak anyway, performance-wise?


Opinions on the Luftverk 000?

(David Napoleon) #17

A beautiful, light, organic titanium bowl. Very fun throw


You might want to edit those photos into your first post so people can find them next to the prices?

(David Napoleon) #22

Thank you. I’ll try that. :pray:


how much does the wolf retail for?

(David Napoleon) #25

I believe the Arkham Swirl was $159 but you won’t find one for retail anymore


Won’t find arkahm swirl or wont find a wolf at all