Spinmaster X Review

If I’ve got my info right, the Spinmaster X was released in late 2018 as an homage to the original Yoyojam Spinmaster II, and is licensed/approved by both Dale Bell (CEO of Yoyojam) and Brent Dellinger.

I checked Youtube for reviews and was surprised to come up empty, but felt the photos I’d seen combined with iYoyo’s reputation made it worth taking a chance on.

Here are the specs and related info:

CNC-machined of cherry-red colored Polycarbonate and 7075 Aluminium weight rings
Diameter: 57.01 mm
Width: 43.84 mm
Gap Width: 4.67 mm
Weight: 66.1 grams
Bearing Size: C

I seem to do very well with this particular shape of yoyo - very angular. I remember years back I got a YYJ Phenomizm - my first yoyo in this shape - and as I played I thought to myself “this feels just right in my hand, and it doesn’t seem to want to tilt”. I got that same feeling playing the Spinmaster X - very comfortable feel, extremely stable. It also has the same finger spin ‘cup’ as their Iceberg, so if you love that, you’ll love this. Personally, I found the surface works very well for grinds.

Spinmaster X:



The Spinmaster X is - to me - a blend of old(er) and new. It really does have a look and feel that says “Yoyojam!” and I like that very much.

I’m not one who can tell you how it does with tech, horizontal, etc…, as those are not my bag (not yet, anyway!). But if you’re looking for a solid, extremely stable yoyo that will do finger spins for days, looks great (I’ve got the red/silver), and can fool you into thinking you’re throwing an old Yoyojam (imho) I think you will be very pleased with the Spinmaster X.


Always want to get one but 70$ is a bit overpriced imo