Spindox July 2010 Meeting

(Jei Cheetah) #1

Awesome meet!



Spinning Eli hop=win…

i’m going to practice doing that now!


I know you probably get asked alot but how long have you been throwing Josh?

(202andrew) #4

i wish i lived in california. I hate NY… But the city is sick!


Who doesnt wish they lived in caalifornia. lol i live in Alabama so we pick cotton in the feild go milf da cows and then we plow the corn feild. Lol jik im not a redneck! ;D


heyy its pretty close to me i live in georgia and i useed to live in arizona, but georgia is okay i keep the hood locked down here ha i want to move back to arizona cause we were on the border of california


AWESOME vid! ;D How come you always show a car at the end of a vid? ???


No NY FTW!!! i <3 NY i just hate my town.

(M²) #9

hooray for dude in cast yoyoing!


man that was really awesome!! i like it!


really cool video. :slight_smile: