Anybody have one?





Guess not.


Can I link to the website?



(George Wollaston) #7

It looks like a laugh, but more of a novelty than something I’d regularly use - I definitely won’t be spending $150 on it.


Fun as a rc ball and as a game controller.


Bump, Abby, post here.


What did you want me to post about because well I don’t know oh yeah spehro thing if I spelled it right


Oh yeah my cousins friend had one that was in his drama class he saw it and it was really cool from what I heard then again that was a prototype or test model


Hmm. Must have been awhile ago.

(M.DeV1) #13

I need one.


Yea it was but it worked like the up to date one so he got to keep it


I saw an add for one in a magazine but it didn’t spark my interest.


Oh well I don’t find them that interesting either just a ball nothing more or less