SPECIAL ADDITION DV 888 for sale. u get a very good deal

hey guys im kinda out of yoyoing now and i wanna get rid of my Special Addition DV 888 i was hopping to get some where from $90-$100 or best offer. there is only 1 dent noticeable and its very small please take my word for this offer. u will also get a few white kittie strings with the yoyo that in my oppinion work like a charm. i know how it is to get ripped off because of ebay. i may not get back on yoyo expert for a while, but this offer is still up untill i sell it. it will be like an auction. people place their bets and i will keep everyone updated thanks :slight_smile:

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$100 for a Dv888?
I wouldn’t call that a “good deal” no matter what edition it is.

And what edition?

And “a few” doesn’t tell us how many Kitty Strings you’re giving us.

Suply more information about the yoyo before posting in the B/S/T section. And please read this:


Agreed, espicially if it isnt in mint condition.



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First time seller?

Seriously though, rtfm.


I currently have an autographed pic of my back pending. I would be willing to offer that plus some anti eyeburn spray. Though I never have heard of a special ADDITION DV888? OOOOOOh is that Mrs. Curtis’s signature through. I may also include an oprah dvd so you have something to eat.

Pictures, and more descriptions are needed.


Thank you dryoyo.

He is probably new, and deosn’t know how much to come by.

But seriously, how much did you get it for? That is a $65 yoyo. But I think he means the Pre-Release one. The black/large logo edition. Those are more “rare” but shouldn’t be sold at that high price.

At $100, I would buy an X-ConVict, and a Dark Magic, with a professional modder to pay to mod both of them. That is outrageous.

Please, edit your post and lower your price.

Guys, this guy hasn’t been active here since the day he posted this, he probably has no idea what he’s doing.

I don’t think he will sell his Dv888 unless he is more active here, actually gives us the details, and makes a good price.

I’ll point out the parts that need to be fixed:

Bolded Part of quote:

What edition?

Italicized part:

No Dv888 cost this much, please lower the price.

Underlined part:

How big is the dent, compare to something.

Crossed out part:

How many Kitty Strings?

Glowing part:

You can’t sell if you don’t respond to offers, you have to stay active on YoYoExpert.




Or try Ebay. (If you’re active :P)

did not realize this was a 10 day old post

If he comes back, he can make a new thread

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