SPARTANIK · Rage of Achill // feat. Lasse Nolsøe Lund

(Nolsøe) #1

I was asked to make a promo vid for the the new throw ‘Rage of Achill’ by the new brand ‘Spartanik’ from Germany. And this is the result

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awesome vid. make me want to buy the yoyo. :slight_smile:


Thats a HUGE gap!

(DOGS) #4

Very well made. I always enjoy your videos.

(Nolsøe) #5

Yay :smiley:

Thank u mate :slight_smile:
I enjoy making them, and I enjoy that other people enjoy watching them.


that looks like an awesome yoyo. You definitely gotta tell me when it comes out so i can be one of the first to buy it lol

(Nolsøe) #7

Giacomo says the following;