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Welcome to the Southern Spin Crew Team Topic :slight_smile:

Team Info:

This team is actually in conjunction with a project I’ve been working on, Mississippi Yoyo League, or MS YOYO. I had an idea to create a team of Southern Americans :smiley: As long as you’re from the South, you’re more than welcome to apply! Anyway, thanks for checking us out :smiley:


If you wish to apply, send me a message and fill out this form in it :slight_smile:

Location (City and State)
Example of tricks (Video):

Thanks for checking us out :slight_smile:


Justin Crosswhite
Hammond, Louisiana
video coming soon!!!

I should be automatically accepted cause i throw clyw…I know how you feel about clyw… ::slight_smile:


how far south are we talking about? Does virginia count? We’re definatly south but not deep south


im in he says =P lest make a vid of both of us next meet up


im guessing deep south to our standards. me and crosswhite are in louisiana


does TEXAS count? lol yeabuddy. too bad i just moved to illinois. haha


Here’s a little preview of some of my new tricks, still working on getting them down but they coming along nicely, a work in progress. I wouldn’t consider this my video entry but just a preview of my good editted video. Which will have backdrop etc. Studio sessions style. anyways check it out let me know what you think.,29318.0.html

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Deep-ish counts, but, sorry, VA is too up North from the Map I’m looking at…


If Tennessee is south enough:

Matt Warren
Crossville, TN

5A Video:

Video with some 5A and 1A:

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Members so far:

Matt Warren

I’ll probably add a page to my website for us, under SSC of course :slight_smile:


way to accept a guy from tennesee and not VA. tenesee borders VA you know…during the civil war richmond was the capital of the south… so yeah! :stuck_out_tongue:


Someone’s drinking some haterade. been eatin some hater tots.


haha thats pretty clever

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dude, I just didn’t think it was down south. TN is still south, but I didn’t know about VA. Calm down


Logan Piper
Dickson Tennessee


That rock the baby at the beginning made you the official man beast of the year bro :wink:


Haha yeah eat the baby is a very personal original and favorite of mine :slight_smile:


I think I just might do that in a video now…


Haha go right ahead!


Well guys, sorry to say it, but I’m taking my leave from southern spin. I just don’t feel that this crew is going anywhere anytime soon. Nothing has even been posted here in a while.