South Carolina Yo-Yo Community

As I’ve said before, I’m a new Yo-Yo player from the Charleston region in South Carolina, but when I tried looking for some sort of Yo-Yo groups or organizations, I couldn’t find anything. I know that there is definitely Yo-Yo scene, because I have met someone from Orchestra that is an experienced player (and cuber). So basically, I’m trying to discover and help out the SC community by getting us all together. If you know someone that plays that’s in SC, you are a player in SC, or trying to help out, please PM me, reply or whatever means to contact me. Hope to see you in the future!

P.S. Silly me, didn’t even realize that there was a “Find a Yo-Yo Club” tab. I found the Charleston Throws group, so I kind of got an answer, but if anyone doesn’t have Facebook, and wants to know the news, just hmu I guess and I can work something out with the people there. Idk

Hello there. Im down in Bluffton. Nice to meet you. Fun fact I also do orchestra. Im a cellist