Song of Storms

working on coming back, my health has really gone downhill.

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Your song choice and skills are awesome!

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I throw to this song too! ;D

Song of Storms is my favorite zelda song. x3

Also, very nice throwing! Really jealous! ;D

thanks man, it felt sloppy to me. been sick for a really long while so it was nice to throw, but it showed

You missed a few here and there, but it didn’t matter. Your lines and flow were great; your direction-changing style really works because it’s consistent and clean.

Really good video. Sorry to hear about the health issues; hope it takes a turn for the better.

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we’re likely going to Idaho, as it’s the last place to try and nothing else works, we’ve does everything to immune suppression to steroids and it doesn’t work. thank you for the kind words. i almost never miss suicides, that’s what’s really bugging me. i’ve never missed that many suicides.

Whereas I almost never hit them. :wink: Not even a straight-up normal one. I’m always like, “I hit it! I hit it!”

Hope Idaho has what you need.

Nice skills, man.

I hope that you will be enjoying better health soon.

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Thanks guys, 'n gals,

i think im going to make some more videos before i go.

Dat Aurora Borealis Glide 8)

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thank you sir,
i’m certain Hyrule will be safe in your hands.

Yomega ambassador: