Something's wring with my flying squirrel!

It hit the ground two or three times and I noticed that two of the weights in each side are loose. Is this normal in the flying squirrel? I just got it on friday and didn’t noticed until it hit the ground. Also everytime I throw it down for a sleeper it spins kinda sideways…

Well, the weight rings may fall out depending on how hard you throw. It may be tilting cause your throw, or because of the messed uP weight rings. :slight_smile:

The Flying Squirrel doesn’t have weight “rings”, it’s really four ball-bearings set in casings to hold them in place. You can unscrew your yoyo and remove the two screws holding the cap on and look inside your Flying Squirrel to see what’s going on inside. My concern is that it is not really possible to shake the ball-bearings loose without taking the yoyo apart. So if you hear them rattling around in there chances are something has cracked or broken on the inside.

Good Luck!

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Do you mean you can hear them really moving arond in there, or you can hear them just sort of vibrating side to side? The vibrating sound is normal. I popped the balls out of mine and put a little dot of silicone in each hole then quickly put them back in and screwed the caps back on. I have to re-do ithem after about a year, but it works pretty well. If it sounds like they’re really rolling around in there, then Banjo is right, something is broken. You might be able to glue them in somehow?