[b]sOMEThING has been working on “something” new. An entirely new line of yo-yos to be more specific! This is the first in their new IZM line of affordable high performance yo-yos – The VERSUS![/b]
The new Versus follows the usual sOMEThING design of no frills and pure performance. It is a beautifully simple yo-yo that does not sacrifice any performance for price. With its sleek v-shape profile and a nice light weight the Versus is super fast and maneuverable through any combos. It is slightly undersized but once you get the Versus in your hand you will feel the power of a full sized competition level beast on a string!

sOMEThING did a fantastic job with the Versus and after throwing it we cannot wait to see what other amazing yo-yos they will add to their new IZM lineup!

Looks nice and not a bad price. Hopefully the play is good which I’m sure it is. Its nice to see more companies developing more price friendly throws for us. :slight_smile:

Reminds me of a c13