Something ORB - took a chance

Haven’t seen much on this yo-yo, so I took a chance on the blue ones remaining due to the lowered price on YYE.

Not knowing anything is fun, and I have no preconceptions or expectations other than the specs of course. I LIKE the simplicity of the design, and the only comment I did see on the ORB was that it looked boring.

Time will tell, I’ll bet it’s a good player and may have flown under the hype radar. I’ll post when it arrives.

It looks like a yo-yo.


Orb is a fun one, definitely gets overlooked. Great deal for $25.

Do you guys get to try out any throws you guys want to that you have in stock?

I thought that wasn’t the case but it seems like you have thoughts on pretty much any yoyo someone brings up haha

I take all the pictures and write all the descriptions so I’ve tried all the yo-yos at some point. :grin:


Wow, must be nice :tired_face:

I like the Orb quite a bit.05_cfccd497-78b2-45e9-a722-94f7532db271_1024x1024

Looks like they had some problem with the name which was crossed out? The flip side says ORB however…

It plays like a slightly smaller and lighter Aluminum Dream, or a lighter and smaller MYY Node

Very Comfortable, can be zippy or relaxed. Very pleased, spins long enough for me to do whatever tricks and moves I know, and plays stable. No detectable vibe.

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No problem with it, that’s just the way they engrave the ‘izm’ logo. :man_shrugging: It’s the same on the Versus and VS Versus. Glad you like the yo-yo though!

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