Something is different.


I don’t know why but when I opened my 9th? run Chief yesterday… I didn’t quite get that “Christmas morning” feel people talk about and I get too when you open it. I blame it on the center trac. Performance is way better with it… I put the pads and a center trac in my 1st run gnarwhal and WOW. Maybe because I associate center tracs with YYF? They aren’t as smooth too? Not sure? What do you guys think? Also was there a deal or is this just preference for CLYW?


So you opened it and were like “Oh it has a Center Trac disappointment”.

Honestly I have no idea what this post is trying to say.
“I blame it on the center trac. Performance is way better with it”


I was confused on that too. Did you like the Chief’s performance with the Center Trac or without it? If without, what did it have?


I’m confused to. It seems like your saying that you were dissapointed when you found out how good they play? IDK! haha. I personally am not a fan of centertracs


Yeah. I am in agreement. I just woke up, this is the first thread I read and I’m like “uh, what? Better with centertrac yet let down? My brain hurts”.

I just got thew new Avalanche and compared to my regular Avalanche, I think the only real difference I notice is the Centertrac for the most part. They play so similar. There are differences, but they are subtle.


10 balls KK is where it’s at for me, any throw

my friend nowa has a chief with a 10 balls kk, there’s no other way to have it for me.


Also a bit confused by the OP but if a new throw doesn’t come with a curved bearing or One Drop ten-ball, I throw in a Centre Trac.



some people only go by center tracs, I never really got it tho. given the fact that I still am a noobie, skill wise. they’re nice, but I never thought they were THAT nice. but I guess it’s all a matter of preference.


Yeah, I’m with the others. Not sure what the OP I is getting at, but I read it like Links did.

Anyway, I got a Canadian Tuxedo from this batch. Center tracs are probably my least-preferred curved bearing as I prefer Trifectas, kk, and Chinese ten balls, but I still like them a lot. Honestly, I had a Twisted Trifecta laying around, but when I threw the chief out of box it was ridiculously smooth - like one of the smoothest Chiefs I own. I did the finger mail test too, not a sound or vibration. So I kept the CT in. no need to fix things if they aren’t broken. Right?

That said, I’ve found that the CTs are just as smooth as - if not, smoother than -the regular bearings. Much appreciate switch because i’d always switch out for a curved anyway. Saves me the trouble :slight_smile:


I was saying I don’t quite understand either. With the center trac it just plays very different. I feel like performance is up (as in stability…to be specific) but its not as smooth and I can’t really tell when spin time is slowing down… To be more specific. I obviously changed the bearing I was just wondering what other people thought about it?


I don’t have a Chief from this run but I have a trifecta in a first run Chief and a center track in my Pekka Chief and I preferred both of those bearings to the “standard” CLYW bearing. I have old and new Avalanches, old Ava I kept stock, new Ava with center track I am also keeping “stock” with the CT bearing it came with. Somehow I feel both actually play better with what they came with. I have a stock BVM and a 10ball BVM the stock I kept because it plays better, the 10ball I put in because it seemed to play better with 10ball. Sometimes you just have to play around with these things but it’s really not that important.

Whatever Chris packages them with is fine with me. I’m just happy I keep getting flawless, beautiful throws.


Yeah i’ve got a 65g chief with a trifecta and it plays ridiculously smooth, I couldn’t ask for better


My 9th run Strawberries and Cream Chief has a vibe. i found that the centertrac in it desperately needed cleaning, and caused some vibe. Even after replacing, it’s still vibey. Plays amazing, i just expected it to be super smooth and was bit disappointed when it wasn’t.


That still doesn’t make any sense. If a bearing is quiet and the yoyo is dead smooth, you can’t tell when the spin is slowing down. I don’t know how you think it’s less smooth because of that…


There is a warranty if you aren’t happy. Just contact YYE and see what they can do for you.

One thing to try is axle placement. Thread the axle all the way into one end if that doesn’t work try the other half.

Sorry about that!


Alright, I’ll try the axle thing. thanks!


Greeting fellow soviet!


Lol not actually Soviet. that would be awesome though.


Um so I just made this entire thread up? I just lied? Your quote may be true to some people like you but I am saying it is less smooth to me. I also hear this about the bearing to yoyos all the time. And not to be mean but I have seen others change bearings for the same reason? Center Tracs are weird sometimes. Why do you think Andre put shims in his yoyo with KKs? I am saying I liked the original flat bearing but thats no big deal I can change it. I also like CLYW stock string and bearing the best. That “Christmas Morning” feel people talk about.

Chris: Thank you but I wasn’t saying I wasn’t happy. I actually like it better than the 2nd run but I love them all. I have almost every yoyo CLYW. I changed the bearing. I said it was just the bearing I don’t understand why people are putting words in my mouth. I have 3 Chiefs for a reason and it’s because I love CLYW and CHIEFS. I just loved the flat bearing in it better. Esp. the CLYW bearing. I have a 10ball in my canvas with hamstring. Thats a good setup too… Thanks Chris for all the amazing YoYos you have made. I don’t like YYF. no need to tell them unless they give me a reason. I am gona go play with my glacier express now…


So i tried the axle thing and it made it less vibey, but still not smooth. I’m thinking I want to keep it, the vibe doesn’t affect play, and in the end doesn’t bother me that much. it plays fantastic, super fun, super awesome, so who cares about a little vibe? it’s not like i’ll ever get rid of it. ;D