sOMEThING by YoYoAddict - Type 2 String & Type 1 Pads!


Type 2

sOMEThING has been making some of the best high end yo-yos on the market, and now they’re creating some high end string that perfectly compliments those yo-yos!

sOMEThING strings are made from a high quality polyester that holds tension well and lasts longer than typical polyester strings. It has a really great feel. It’s a little on the thinner side and has a nice tight tension that gives you that little extra bounce and breaks in more gradually. This string is perfect for anything from slow slack play to fast tech tricks!

Pick up some new sOMEThING Type 2 yo-yo string and add that something special to your next freestyle!


Type 1

sOMEThING type 1 pads are made to give you the highest level of play out of your sOMEThING yo-yos!

These pads are created from long lasting silicone that will give you the perfect bind every time. They are not to hard and not too soft, just the right level of grip for a nice tight bind. sOMEThING pads are built to the same dimensions as most 19mm slim pads so they will work in any yo-yo that is compatible with other 19mm pads.