sOMEThING by YoYoAddict Presents The ADDICTION!

sOMEThING is back with an all new hybrid throw that you wont want to put down

The Addiction is the first hybrid 1A yo-yo to come out of the sOMEThING workshop and it is amazing! The curved v-shape gives this yo-yo great speed and maneuverability while the machined aluminum weight rings add the perfect weight distribution for long spins and stability through any complex combo.

sOMEThING treats every piece of each yo-yo they design with equal importance to give you the best possible finished product. The injection molded plastic body is fitted with precision machined aluminum weight rings to guarantee a stable spin – But sOMEThING did’nt stop there, they even custom machined the nut and bolt on the addiction to give you the smoothest spin possible! And did we mention it looks fantastic? The translucent plastic with raw engraved aluminum accents give the Addiction a really simple yet refined and beautiful look.

Just throw it once and you will see why they named this yo-yo Addiction – once you pick it up you are going to have a hard time putting it down!

Well, Mr. Addiction, welcome to my wants list. :smiley:

The Addiction will have to wait till I finishing paying for my Level 6.

I’m really disappointed they went with this name. There is already a SPYY yoyo with this name.

I love mine! All 3 of them! There’s something like a Protostar feeling but with a pretty different behaviour, I think it’s a must have. Can’t wait for more colorways.

I’ll get these for 3a when I have the money.

One of the best Hybrids I’ve ever thrown. I haven’t put it down for days, nor have I ever played anything like it, it’s sensational.

Best yoyo purchase I’ve made in a long time.

But SPYY’s gone now :frowning:

Just might be my next yoyo.

You were very high on the Rally too. How would you compare them? Not “which is better”; but how would you compare the way they play? I am looking forward to getting one of these also.

IMO the feeling of the Rally may be more pleasant for a lot of people. The plastic quality is not the same, the Addiction feels like a Protostar, even if it’s not necessarily a drawback.

I’ve heard that the Rally’s plastic is super smooth, that’s what makes it a whole lot better than the Protostar’s plastic.

Well its bead blasted after all :wink:

I don’t think it makes it better, but it definitely makes it different

I was indeed! There’s something about the way that hybrid plastics play that I just love. I play my Rally and Addiction more than any other yoyos in my collection.

Ok, I’ll make a quick comparison based off my experience so far. I’ll be interested in hearing your thoughts when you pick one up yourself. :slight_smile:

The Rally is slighting wider (43mm vs 42.5mm) and slighter bigger in diameter (58mm vs 57.3mm). The Addiction has a slightly wider gap which is always good for me since I use YYSL Ammo, which is a pretty thick string, however if you’re a thin string user you might experience a few slipped binds here and there.

The Addiction, although being 0.2g heavier than the Rally, plays lighter and faster. It plays very fast in fact, which is I’m sure due to the more centre waiting than the Rally. The Rally, whilst still being bouncy and able to be pushed to speed, feels more deliberate and solid to me.

The Rally has the grind advantage with the blasted surface. The Addiction is smooth plastic so it won’t really grind, and any contact with your hand will slow it down a fair amount. Due to the design of the hub of the Addiction, I dont really see how finger spins would be possible either, or at least with great difficulty.

Performance wise (spin and stability), I’d say the Addiction and the Rally are pretty on par. Neither stands out as clearly excelling over the other. If I had a gun to my head and had to make a call, I’d probably give the edge to the Addiction, but that might be due to the more play time I’ve given it recently and/or the honeymoon period effect… so I wouldn’t quote me on it.

Mine came with more vibe than my Rally (vibe is expected of any plastic though). I managed to tune a bit of it out, but even though it vibes I don’t seem to feel it on the string much, it feels very smooth during play. Although on the fingernail it vibes more than the Rally, it feels a lot smoother on a throw (how much of that is the bearing, I’m not sure).

The Rally stock bearing is a standard 8 ball flat bearing (I swapped mine out for a KK), whereas the Addiction comes with a Center Trac bearing, which is an added bonus.

As to which one is ‘better’ is going to be a matter of pure subjectivity, however play wise:

Addiction = Feels lighter, faster, floatier (buzzword alert)
Rally = Feels heavier, slower, more solid

Both are fantastic throws at a great price though. They’re different enough that I’d definately recommend picking up both of you can. :slight_smile:

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So is the New Protostar.

oh damn, I forgot that you don’t have the stock sOMEThING concave bearing in the US
put a KK in it, it’s worth it

Restock please!!

I think the Rally is actually machined for texture