Big Something by yoyoaddict Restock!


The Phaser shape was based on the popular Superfly Remix from sOMEThING, in fact it is almost identical. They only made one minor change, but it changes the yo-yo in a big way – They added a stainless steel weight ring inside the rim that really takes the Phaser to a whole new level!

sOMEThING kept the same dimensions as the Superfly Remix, even the same weight, but it is far from the same yo-yo! With the addition of the stainless steel weight rings, sOMEThING was able to give the Phaser a completely different feel. It is just as fast and maneuverable as the Superfly Remix, but the Phaser has an even more stable and solid feel on the string and through long combos.


The new design really gives you the best of both worlds. It takes the already great playing design of the Jet Set EC and kicks the stability and spin time up to the next level with some beautiful changes to weight distribution. The goal of the new design was to really help increase stability on regens, increase spin time, and give much greater maneuverability through long combos. And it does!


The Jet Set EX utilizes a really nice W-shape design that opens up the catch zone to help Michael Nakamura hit his riskiest tricks with ease. It was designed a couple grams lighter than the EG model and is fitted with inner cup steel weight rings that leave the EX with a lighter and more powerful feel on the in play.


The Addiction is the first metal ringed plastic 1A yo-yo to come out of the sOMEThING workshop and it is amazing! The curved v-shape gives this yo-yo great speed and maneuverability while the machined aluminum weight rings add the perfect weight distribution for long spins and stability through any complex combo.


If you’re serious about high performance yo-yos then you know every gram counts. sOMEThING Doping Axles are the lightweight solution to maximize the performance of your yo-yo!

The standard stainless steel 8mm axle weighs .5 grams. sOMEThING Titanium Doping Axle weighs roughly .25 grams and even better the Magnesium Doping Axle weighs roughly .15 grams. With a change of almost half a gram you can feel a noticeable difference in play. It may not seem like a big deal to some throwers, but if you want the absolute best then Doping Axles are a crucial upgrade.

Garrett I assume you were also the author of the Mg axle disclaimer? The first thing I thought when I read this post was “I wonder how long until someone destroys one of these” but sure enough I checked the product page and there was already a note :wink:

Haha yeah, if you’re not careful you could ruin the axle. I tested one out, made sure to thread it in 4-5 times, and didn’t have any issues with it. Someone may buy one without reading and just throw it in there and crank it too hard, but not much we can do to prevent that kind of thing really.

It does make a noticeable difference in play though, which is probably what surprised me the most. .5g isn’t a lot of weight, but you can feel it on a yo-yo that you know well.

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