Jet Set EG New Release! And Jet Set EC Restock!


Two of the most popular Japanese manufacturers have come together to make a truly amazing offstring yo-yo. The Jet Set EG!

Offstring legend Atsuhi Yamada of Japan Technology teamed up with sOMEThING by YoYoAddict and combined two of their designs to make the amazing new Jet Set EG. They took the dimensions and profile shape from the Jet Set EC and added the extra ring on the inner cup that Japan Tech is known for on their Eagle Series.

The new design really gives you the best of both worlds. It takes the already great playing design of the Jet Set EC and kicks the stability and spin time up to the next level with some beautiful changes to weight distribution. The goal of the new design was to really help increase stability on regens, increase spin time, and give much greater maneuverability through long combos. And it does!

The Jet Set EG is a real winner and a very successful collaboration that is sure to make an impact on the 4A yo-yo scene!

[b]Jet Set EC Now Available in Black W/ Blue![/b]