sOMETHING by YoyoAddict Première

Not in a long time have I used such an appealing yo-yo…
For about two years now I have been using the same rotation. I have grown very tired of the feel of a metal yo-yo (Excluding the Phenom). I have always adored a plastic yo-yo that has metal spacers, but not since the North Star has a plastic based yo-yo caught my eye. It is a very hard feeling to explain, but when you throw a yo-yo and feel the give that the plastic has to the metal spacers it is very enjoyable.

The sense of feeling this yo-yo offers is incredible and the amount of stress this yo-yo can take is unbelievable for what it is (A $25 plastic yo-yo). I have nothing to compare this yo-yo to because I have never tested anything like this…

What you receive when you try this yo-yo is something that will not hinder your skill and allows you to move it around however you’d like. I would say this is a very balanced yo-yo (It isn’t overly powerful and it isn’t too weak).

The images speak for itself…

This yo-yo is a well rounded one and I suggest it to any player.

I agree with you whole-heartedly. Great throw.

Great review! My Première feels great in the hand, I think the color is incredible, and I love playing with it. This was my first unresponsive yoyo-- and I’m smitten. I hope sOMEThING/yoyoaddict makes the next batch in pink! :3

I’m really interested in this throw. How good does this play compared to the yyj classic?

Upgraded Classic’s a bit better IMO, but the Premiere is a bit floaty and much more speedy.

Well, this makes me want one of them. I have to add this to my extensive want list.

I’ve never thrown a yyj Classic, but I can compare it to the yyf OneStar that I own.

They play pretty similarly with a few differences. I was very, very surprised that the OneStar was able to keep up with the Première while being $10 cheaper.

Fast w/ slightly longer spin time; more comfortable to hold/catch; minimal vibe; spacer are a hassle when taking yoyo apart.

More balanced w/ easier bind; has noticeable vibe

My Première is definitely more prone to start leaning one way or another during tricks if the string is pressing on the side of the yoyo in any significant way. Even though the Première is spec’ed as heavier than the OneStar, it feels lighter and more maneuverable on the string-- when the OneStar lands in a trapeze or whatnot, it feels more like a THUNK while the Première feels like a wHHHHHPPp. (lol)

With my noob throw, I can get ~1:45 sleep time with the Première and ~1:40 with my OneStar, but I suspect if my throw were stronger-- I could get the Première to sleep much longer. The Première loses its spin because it starts tilting, while the OneStar genuinely starts to slow down after a minute of spin.

The Première is definitely MUCH MUCH harder to bind-- this was especially obvious while I was learning to bind-- not too big of a deal anymore, while I still notice it from time to time.

From what I can tell the Première is a budget yoyo made to be performed in front of others. Fast+floaty with sacrifices to stability-- you gotta make up for the stability with a wicked strong/accurate throw. It moves in my hands even faster than my OD Gradient (although it is SIGNIFICANTLY worse in every other way) and has looks to KILL!

I also love telling my friends that “it’s from JAPANZZZZZ~” lel :3

accidently pressed “quote” instead of “modify” :-X

I meant the upgraded one lol mb.

Spin times on Premiere are better? If so, I’m really tempted to try this out

The yo-yo is actually stable… What you are talking about is how easy it is to change the axis of it… The only reason the yo-yo will become unstable is the error of the user…

highly doubt it. even the metal weighted addiction only ties at most

Really? I have a Classic like that right now, but although it IS pretty good, it’s hard to believe it is “the best of the best” in plastics. I mean, if it is, then I’m pretty disappointed because (and this is only personal opinion) to be honest it seems to me the Classic just doesn’t play too well (in my standards and other people’s recom.s of it)

The yoyo is plenty stable, it’s just that the Premiere is less stable than my OneStar and Gradient.

F = mrw^2

The OneStar and Gradient are shaped so that the majority of their weight is on the outer edge of the yoyo-- where as the Premiere has a relatively larger portion of its weight at the center. It’s going to have a weaker gyroscopic effect while spinning.

I imagine Hiroyuki Suzuki designed the Premiere to fit his lightning fast play and killer fashion on a budget. I think he did an amazing at the cost of some stability compared to more H-shaped yoyo’s or plastics with metal rings.

Doubt your one star is more stable .

My one star is not very stable at all and too light .

The yo-yo is not less stable… You throw out a random force equation… We are talking about stability not its rotation strength… What I see it’s heavily supported by its spin axis and its true stability is coming from its core. The outer area of the yo-yo has a different role like an output axis…

I can see people are getting a bit touchy, and I don’t want to argue the merits of Newton’s classical mechanics. It is only my personal experience with my Premiere and my OneStar. In that personal experience I find that my OneStar is more resistant to tilt-- and my understand of centripetal motion (which is accredited by Northwestern University)-- leads me to conclude it is due to the weight distribution of the H-shape compared to the v/o hybrid shape.

I prefer the Premiere over the OneStar by a HUGE margin-- that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the OneStar’s unique properties due to its shape, construction, and material.

I’m really favoring the Premiere from since I first heard of it – The color doesn’t help at all ;D

That green is just TOO good… Omg decisions on whether or not to get it, I love a floaty yoyo

My Premiere wobbles. No, it’s not from my throw. No, it wasn’t from any dings or mishandling, it wobbled straight from the box. Anything I can do to fix/minimize the wobble? I tried tuning it by fiddling with the axle with no success.

Also, in comparison with my One Star, the Premiere plays heavier, is more stable and spins longer. It however also vibes way more than my One Star. Note that I probably got really lucky with my One Star. My One Star is very smooth - comparable to my CLYW Chief.

I mean yes it has wobble when you throw it, but when you start a combo it should straighten it out and feel nice. And taking out the axle and placing it back it “Properly” helps. When I received my Premiere the axle was properly placed. Maybe popping your axle in and out could make it less precise than it already is.

No, the wobble is not from my throw and will not ‘straighten out’ after I start/end a combo. Also, I don’t know what playing the axle back ‘properly’ means. Please elaborate. As mentioned previously, my Premiere wobbled right out of the box and I’ve tuned many yo-yos before by adjusting the axle position between the two halves but so far haven’t had any luck with my Premiere. I suspect it has something to do with the spacers but I can’t get the spacer out of one half. Or my Premiere just wobbles and there’s nothing I can do.

Anyone else has any tips?