Somebody identify?


Can anybody tell me what the these yoyos are?! I know the one to th left is a drifter, and the far right is an 888. How about the other two?

Thanks, Carl.


The second from the right looks a lot like a rec rev no. 9, but it’s hard to tell without seeing the hub.


It might be one of those Zeekios I think c4 or animal whichever is identical to the rec rev 9.


The 3rd from the left is a Zeekio Animal, basically a rip-off of the No. 9

The 2nd looks like some cheap Audley


That’s it! Zeekio. And what about the red one?


It’s a stacked Genesis, with no stacks:D





[/ stop calling names! :open_mouth:




[/ stop calling names! :open_mouth:

Calling someone a necromancer isn’t calling someone a name. It’s describing their behavior.

Quite annoying behavior.


2nd might be a g5
3rd one looks like something zeekio or rec rev?



at first glance 3rd one looks like a chupacabra, 2nd like a genesis


First one looks like a metal drifter to me. Second has the shape of a hubstacked genesis, but I could be wrong.


Wasn’t really a necro… It hasn’t even been a month since the last post…