some yoyo photography.

Some of my recent photography.

Project in Bouquet

Natural Project

Project in Japanese Garden

Project in Bamboo

Project among flowers

Tower of 1drop

Project in the sun

Project in the trees

Project in the sky

m1 in yosemite

Project at the river.

Project with half dome

yoyos at the cross

I have gotten really into photography recently, and my Photography class is helping me quite a bit.

Hope you guys liked em! :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking!


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Awesome, Lots of Onedrop :wink: :wink:

I thought you were going to be yo-yoing…

but yo-yos in flowers are um…well?


Good way to separate us from the nerdy stereotype



Loved it. Such beautiful photographs.

You rule Josh!!!


very nice! ;D Some of them i almost thought to be photoshoped! keep it up! the only negative criticism i would give is the last one seems a tad on the dark side, not sure if the flash went off or was intetional! good job! hope you get an A+++++!

Thoses are some good shots… You should try some action shots.

Keep on keepn’ on J!

cool project… i want it! :smiley:

ps. you must be like pro at taking pics! :o

M1 at Yosemite was awesome!!

Great pictures!

Amazing pictures!