Photo project

I want to start a project on the forum of everyone that can post a picture. The background should be some where near where you live, the most beautiful spot you can find. You need to be doing a trick like rock the baby, Eiffel tower, ladder escape some thing that you can stand still and look at the camera. I’ll post hope fully tommorrow. If you can, it would be nice to have a face with the name.

Kewl! I’l see if i can get a pic up tomorrow. ;D

Hi I’m Jeromy Kasner, and I play with a yo-yo. This is an 100+ year old jail about 3min from my house.


I had a different place in mind but the pictures didn’t turn out very well so I went with the best back ground I could find. I’ll try to get a better back drop when I can. My wife liked them and I posted them to make her happy.

                                                                                                            you can see me doing my sig with all my yoyos