Some small stuff FT.

Well, thought I had to get rid of some stuff I have.

First, is this standart YYJ Bearing.
I have 4 other ones as extra bearings, and don’t feel the need for this one
Flick spin is about 5 seconds right now, bu I cleaned it, and put a whole drop of lube in it. If broken in, I know it’ll spin for more time.

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I’m looking for little things for this. Main wants:
standart size YYJ axle

The axle MUST be new, The only way I know is if you order it straigt from YYN, so that’ll be the criteria.

Next, my Dark Magic. I got it a while ago, but never really played it. :-\ Its still an awesome throw though. Its got the YYJ vibe, but that’s about it. Its got lots of dings though. I put a silicone sticker in the place of the O-Ring, and that makes it almost dead unresponsive.

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[s]Not too sure if I want to trade this, But it may go.


PM me if interested