some rare stuff for sell good prices. GET AT ME!

hey guys so I need some rent money so I need to sell these throws off all of them are obo I need to sell them fast. I would also want to use paypal for payments.

have a mint red with black acid spyy addiction, I don’t really see this color on the bst when these show up but here it is. -80 shipped

next up is a very underrated yoyo the dif e yo mint Juggernaut.- offer

next is a a very cool throw I got at Cal states it is a Jason wong Anod string theory Bandit ( from what I can see it is mint I can’t see any scratches or marks of any kind on it) - offer

next is a really cool one it is the new Chico spin top that was sold at Cal states for 100 dollars , it is the same as the day I got it and will go for - 80 shipped

next up is a really cool throw the yoyo officer Dasher this is a really fun throw it has some small dings but nothing bad and u can see the worst in the pic- offer

and next we got a more rare hard to get yoyo in this color it is OD 54 but this is a color that was not released, it was done by pioneer anodizing and it looks inedible it also has some small dings but not bad that can be seen in the pics.

and last but not least I have a mint spyy pro it is red and pink acid wash. pic will come soon- offer.

also if u want I can email you more pics or txt them to you.

more pics

Bump chief is pending

bump gnar is gone