Some questions I need answering

What does raw mean?

And typically, how bad are 3A marks?

Raw means the yoyo is raw metal. No coating (not anodized, painted, etc…).

I don’t think there is really a definitive answer to your second question. Two yoyos being played at the same time occassionally hitting each other. Damage can vary.

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Raw usually means no protective coating or coloring, but I’ve seen it also referred to as non-colored anodizing.

3A marks can range from scratches, nicks and dings. However, flat spots are a bit more common. TINY flat spots!

It would seem you have the answer to your first question!

And by the same token, it would seem the second question is pretty well answered.

I’ve never seen scrapes or scratches from 3A. I’ve just seen multitudes of flat spots and color marks. No physical damage, just cosmetical damages.

I had a sleipnir that was covered in 3a marks. All throughout the rims and catchzone there were little thin white scratches. You couldn’t really feel them, but they were visibly ugly. There must’ve been a hundred. The guy called this normal 3a marks.