some of my favourite personal vids i thought id share

havent been on here in awhile. you guys probably wont know me, since im a really underground player. these are some of the non-contest routine elements and concepts ive been messing with, thought it would be cool to throw some ideas out there and share it with the rest of you guys. so here they are.
straightjacket elements
finger spin/grinds
neck trick
as titled, suicides and grinds

Your finger spin variations are very impressive.

thanks, but its mainly because of the Mo-Vitation though, it really makes finger spins ridiculously easy

Non contest worthy elements…right…no. All of these were pretty awesome, I especially liked the straight jacket tricks. You do those tricks for an audience and they would definitely let you hear how much they like those tricks. Very impressive to say the least. I wouldn’t say that we might not know you, I know I do, haha. I have seen your videos and contest videos before, I really like the style.

thanks so much for all the compliments man, though i always thought i was a pretty unknown player. haha maybe i should have phrased the contest part differently. some of this stuff is too risky or difficult for a freestyle as well (especially those grind suicides), thats one of the reasons, but yeah for my next fs im planning on using at least 1 straightjacket element, though it might be one of the easier ones

Yeah, I definitely understand not putting in suicides in a routine. I have competed plenty of times as well so I get what you are saying. Some of those tricks look like it may have taken a while to get on camera.

Still, really like the tricks and there are some really good banger tricks in those videos.

I’ve been wanting to start doing straight jacket for awhile now.

So glad I found a video where I can learn some elements and actually get started.

0:20 of fingerspin: that’s me in traction at the hospital if I try that one. :wink:

(dad joke–> In Arnold voice, “Ow, my back!”)

Yeah you have no idea how long it took to hit that first grind to behind the back suicide haha but ill definitely be trying to get consistent with some of these tricks so who knows? Perhaps in a future fs. But thanks again for your compliments. Really appreciate it man

Glad i could help! Straightjacket is a concept that i think is very unexplored especially among players outside of america. You will need to get used to bending your arms like that though. It did take me awhile to become comfortable with it. Do check out some of Isaac Sams stuff, he has some ridiculously smooth straightjacket tricks

Haha make sure you never try Marcus Koh’s btb horizontal

Wow! Loved all of the videos!

Straight jacket type tricks are really fun to explore every now and then for me, but you just took it to the next level! Great job

Thanks! glad you enjoyed it! My straightjackets for now are just concepts. they still lack the proper flow and smoothness, but im working on it

Yeah, but they are still super cool looking haha