Some hints?

(Priyanka) #1

Any hints for the community about what’s coming in 2019? Do you have any big ideas for a specific player? Any new players who are getting sponsored by yyf?

(Nathan Havlen) #2

I don’t think he’s going to

(Hans Van Dan Elzen) #3

@yoyo_girl_700 We have a focus on pushing the limits of yoyo design. If the stars align the next YYE Mystery Box will show a direction that we are heading (Don’t miss out!!) We are always searching for the next opportunity to promote and find new yoyo talent. You are doing a good job mastering your skills. Now go out into your community and spread your love of yoyo play.

Black friday mystery box?!
(Kevin/Vihaan) #4

When is the next mystery box expected to drop?

(Mark) #5

November 23rd aka black Friday

(Priyanka) #6

Wow!!! Thank you so much! That means a lot coming from you! Can’t wait for the mystery box too!