Some cool mounts?

Can anyone put some videos or links of mounts that I could learn(wrist mount, ladder mount, etc.)?

If you check out the tricks on this channel ( then you can see some cool mounts in the beginning, as well as good tricks.

(not me)

Some cool 5a mounts.

I made up a mount! You can’t really do a trick from it, but I like it. I can’t post a video, so here’s what you do:
1.Throw a breakaway so you go to the 1.5 mount position, but before you fling it up and onto the string.
2. Just let it hang, and then with your non-throw hand grab the string that is left hanging.
3.Hold the string and toss it up so that the yoyo lands on the string farthest from you.
4.The end.

It’s kind of hard to get it to balance on the string. I’m trying to pop it over to the other string, but I’m having trouble.

what song is that wesnaw56?

Yeah, I’m learning Plan D on YoYoExpertTutorials right now. It sounds like a bit much for me but I got a little down. A great resource, Samad!

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure its “Valley of the Damned” by Dragonforce. I was quite surprised when I heard it, because all videos with Dragonforce songs that I saw had their audio removed.

i thought it was!!! dragonforce is like one of my favorite bands!!! my favorite song is revolution dethsquad and fury of the storm ;D

Yah the fury of the storm is my fave also

thier great for like before a soccer or baseball or football or track meet/game