Some CLYW's

I did say that I’d post some photos from my CLYW collection.

EDIT - I’m not looking to sell but I will trade/buy a Chief in Fire colourway.

IMG_20180708_161356 MVIMG_20180327_124844 IMG_20180701_124531_1 MVIMG_20180413_151426 IMG_20180725_154408


That is a wee small number of CLYW :scream:

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Someone asked about 7075 aluminum CLYW’s. I have a few here;


And Orca’s, Canvas’s and Bonfires.


Wowow WOWza!

What a glorious collection! <3

Is that a gold plated chief I see?

It’s a 1st run Chief, longer nipple and 65g.

Yeah, but is it gold plated (I think I remember Chris made a few) or just gold ano that looks shinier in the light?

Got you. No, it gold ano not plated.

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To my knowledge, no Chiefs were gold-plated. 11 were nickel-plated though.

Coulda been wrong, might be Nickel. I remember Andre having some shiny plated chief lol.

I may be wrong as well, but I feel like if there were a gold-plated Chief out there, I would have heard of it. Hell, it took me like 5 years to hunt down a nickel Chief.

I have a gold 8th run Chief and a gold 1st run Chief. The 1st run is VERY shiny, so I assume that’s what you saw.


I am not aware of a gold plated Chief. There are nickel plated and raw Chief’s (from the last 2016 run) about. Quite rare though.

Yeah, I asked Andre lol. It was a polished nickel, I misremembered.

Amazing collection! OMG!

Absolutely blown away.

Actually there is one gold plated chief out there. The playing isn’t the greatest and it has prettt bad vibe. But I did get one made by a local gold plater.


Interesting - I’d love to see that gold plated Chief. I have over 30 Chief’s currently - Undoubtedly my favourite throw you put together.

that’s so many :open_mouth:

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No - It’s not enough!

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Dude Your Collection :ok_hand: