Solid Wood Kendama from 44RPM – The Funk!


44RPM proudly presents their first solid kendama – The Funk! With an original Ken design by Takeshi Kamisato, maple construction, and a grippy 3-stripe tama the Funk is a serious performer!

The Funk features a number of updates to the traditional ken shape for increased durability, higher performance, & a funky aesthetic. It has a thickened spike to match the new extra sturdy sarado design which provides perfect lunar weight while cleanly fitting the contours of the tama. The narrowed lower handle was designed for improved lunar balance and j-stick rotation while the lower string hole on the handle prevents exposure as the sarado settles.

44RPM and Takeshi Kamisato thought out every aspect of this new kendama. It plays fantastic and the ’70s muscle car inspired stripes give it a great look!