KendamaCo Has Arrived at YoYoExpert!


We are very happy to announce that your favorite KendamaCo Kendamas are finally available here at YoYoExpert! We just stocked the Zen, the Shenzhu, and the Yumu!


The ZEN is the new and improved flagship kendama from KendamaCo. They created it to be ultra playable with an emphasis on quality, durability, and authentic kendama design!

When you pick up the ZEN you can just feel the perfect balance and weight that begs you to start playing. The ZEN is crafted out of high quality beachwood and comes stock with a beautifully polished tama. Finished with a durable paint and a gloss coat that gives you just the right amount of stick, this kendama is sure to become your new favorite!

Focus your mind and find your ZEN!


KendamaCo is proud to present The Shenzhu! Their first kendama designed with competition level kendama play in mind!

The Shenzhu has an amazing feel and you can tell right away it was made to be played! It is made from high quality beechwood and was created the same size as official JKA (Japanese Kendama Association) Kendamas. This gives the Shenzhu the most ideal weight distribution and balance for competition level play.

The KendamaCo Shenzhu plays great! And if you pick up the unique Glow in the Dark or Black Light Reactive painted versions you can play all through the night!


The KendamaCo Yumu 2.0 is definitely not your ordinary kendama – in fact it’s probably one of the most innovative kendamas we have seen!

The Yumu 2.0 has a very cool design – it comes stock with three extra spikes and each cup has a hole to fit the spikes in. This means that you can play with the Yumu just like any other kendama or you can install one, two, or even three of the additional spikes to create a completely different kendama experience.

Whether you’re looking for a new kendama to help practice spikes or just want something a little different to change up your next kendama session the KendamaCo Yumu 2.0 is for you!

Brought to you by KendamaCO – Official Distributer of the Yumu!