nothing left. Everything sold

We have a light blue pulsefire on the left - gone
And an ain’t nothin’ edition H.O.T. on the right - Gone

The pulsefire is very not engraved and nearmint with a small pin prick shown in the last three pictures.

Both yoyos have small amount of vibe.

Small want list at bottom but open to cool and unique yoyos.

PM me with any questions!

C3 Teleport
Duncan Exit 8
CLYW gnarwal 2
Gen-yo Prestige and majesty
Monkey finger anything but another ape-x
ILYY Torino
RecRev sharp, freq wave, or silly goose
OneDrop T1, benchmarks, gradient
Offer because these are just the first things that popped into my head. I will consider everything and respond to everyone.

Lady bumps

New stuff bump

new stuff bump

Bumpin fellas

bumpen dis ship