Good day,

I have the following throws for sale only. The price of shipping is included in the asking price for each throw. I am open to reasonable offers. I prefer paypal but am very flexible. I cover the paypal fees as well, unless other agreements are made. As stated above, I am not interested in any trades at this time.

For sale:

XXXX Asking: $XXX


Photos for all of the throws can be found here:

Shipping from Lansing, MI.

Thank you for looking!


The X-con has sold and a few offers have been made. Keep them coming!


Have some interest for the SPX and Triton. Keep the offers coming!


Price adjustments. Bump


Need these sold sooner than later. Make an offer! I can do bundles too.


The Triton has sold. Bump


That is not a Hulk Smash 54. That is a Chemblast 54. There were maybe 20 made. It was a complete accident where the original ano had to be removed twice before it got that finish. Technically it is a B-Grade but the one I own is the smoothest spinning and best grinding 54 I have ever owned.

These are pretty rare due to how they were made. I don’t know if it would be possible to reproduce this finish.


Thank you for the heads up!


Some good offers. Keep 'em coming!


New throws for sale!


Interested in the OG dark magic. would you ship to canada?


Some offers. Keep 'em coming. :slight_smile:


Bump. I am open to offers. :slight_smile:


Would your trade for the CZM84VK?


The CZM84VK is back up for sale.


Some good offers. Lets see a sale :slight_smile:


New throws added! Let the offers roll!


Lots of good offers. Keep 'em coming!


Some good offers. Keep 'em coming.


The DMII is sold. Let the offers roll.