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Hey guys, I have to put this FG Peak for sale, I really don’t wanna see this go, but I need money at the moment. It’s completely mint, no dings, scuffs, scratches, etc. There’s a minimal amount of vibe that can be hardly felt, you can’t feel it unless you try to, but there’s pretty much none at all. There are also no anno flaws. Also comes with a new Konkave bearing.


You get this for $73 shipped anywhere in the US.
I can’t ship internationally. I can only accept Paypal.

Thanks for looking!

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I want to buy the Peak, and need to know how you want the paypal $$$ sent to you. email me at (gitdoc@sbcglobalDOTnet)


Ill buy it if it is not sold already. My email is bbodkin@bodkin.org

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It’s pending, but if the deal falls through I’ll PM you.


Does the peak come with og.box?

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Sorry, but when I bought the yoyo it did not come with a box.

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