SOLD: Tom Kuhn SB2 Green Machine Prototype


For sale is a Tom Kuhn SB2 Green Machine Prototype yoyo that I got directly from BC during late 2013. It’s in like-new condition, and comes in the manufacturer box with manual and warranty card, carrying pouch, gap adjustment tool (since it has an adjustable gap width), extra weights, and extra string. It also comes with the Dr. Yo’s Turbo Disc response pads installed from the factory. Shipping within the USA only will be an additional $6. (Shipping outside the USA will cost more.)

According to BC, this prototype was made during 1998 and only three were made. This is one of the earliest TK SB2 prototypes I have ever seen. Price is $195 plus shipping ($6) within USA.


Updated again on 02-11-14 with two different models.


It’s interesting they didn’t put a BCYO as part of that 2013 SB2. I’m interested to see what the pre-BC serial numbers/engraving looked like.


I’m not sure why. I’ve had about thirty SB2, including most that were very rare or prototypes, and the oldest of my SB2 models only go back to 1998. BC accepted full-scale licensing in 1996 (even though he was involved with production before that). I suppose the best thing about these two models shown (for sale) here is the very limited production (rarity) and great colorway designs.

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