Sold. This can be closed

Okay and again. Getting close to beating Pikmin 2. Well I repaid the debt anyway but now I need to rescue Louie and get the rest of the treasure.

Please buy something, these little guys need food. They only like weird bug nectar and it is expensive

I’m wondering if you completed Returnal?

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Lol no. Pikmin have stolen my heart and time. I’ll get back on it eventually. Got to the first boss and got kind of stuck

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Did you know in Pikmin 2, if you have an equal number of each color Pikmin, they sing a special song?

Okay, Louie is rescued so I moved on to 3. Crazy that it came out in 2013, 9 years after 2. 4 is supposed to come out this year, 10 years after 3.


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I’ll stop talking about Pikmin.

Stuff is still available. It’s cheap. They’re good yoyos.

I would trade everything and more for a Pariah or a Wooly Markmont.

And again. Beat Pikmin 3. It was great but pretty short. Next is Hey Pikmin I suppose

Added a Doorknob for trade only. Only trading for CLYW I don’t have. I’m fine keeping it if I don’t get the right offer.


Not to put too fine a point on it, but these are the current bees in my bonnet:


Sasquatch (2018)


Wooly Markmont


Basecamp Legend (cabin artwork on the sides)
Basecamp Airwave (bright matte orange)
Basecamp Flight (bright matte orange)
Basecamp California (wood thingies on the cup, like the moonshine 2)
Basecamp Edgeless (metal body AND metal caps)

Sell or trade them to me please. Or if you want to just give them to me for free, I’m fine with that also.


Another day has passed.

When I complete my CLYW collection I’m going to get a CLYW tattoo. Don’t you want to be responsible for another person’s tattoo? That’s a strange power over someone. Isn’t it enticing?

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What was your first and favorite clyw?

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First was a Maideraide Blizzard. Favorite is Canvas or Creep. I like them all though. There’s a few that I like a little less than others, but I like them all.


Took down the Doorknob. Wasn’t getting any bites and I like it anyway.

I will trade my Krown Ti for your Ti Genesis

8 CLYW yoyos remain. I surprisingly have only ended up with a few duplicates.

I have two Chiefs
I have two Pickaxes
I have two Expeditions
I have two Big Dippers
I have two Yeti 2.0s
I have two Sherpas

I have added new stuff and am looking for new (old) stuff.

Only looking to trade right now. Need to save for a house.

Added individual prices for stuff. I would really like a titanium Genesis.

Sherpa is gone. Take the rest for $400 or trade it all for a

Ti Genesis
Wooly Markmont

Thank you

Another day has passed.

I started replaying Gladius. It’s a tactics gladiator game from PS2/Gamecube/Xbox era. Pretty fun. I’ve always really liked it.


Gladius got boring. First half was fun though.

Take all for $300 or one of these yoyos

YYF Ti Genesis
Anti-Yo Visvilla
CLYW/One Drop Wooly Markmont
Luftverk Ti mono 000

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Stuff still available. Feel free to make trade offers of stuff other than what I have listed. I’m pretty picky though.

Stuff still available if you would like it. Just let me know. Still open to trades for stuff not listed, but I’m picky.

Would also love a red or black RBC or an El Mijo. Had both and sold them and I regret it.

One of my favorites was the Orca in Orca colorway. That’s one of the few I wish I didn’t sell. Free bump

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