Sold. This can be closed

MRL is a project by Mowl to make the plastic yoyo with different design and collaboration. The individual/company that they work with are Shingo Terada for the core design, and graphic mostly done by Llama ( design shop in JP). With they now have 5 version for different players.
I’m not sure from 1 to 3 but 4 is Petr Karka and 5 is for Tony Sec

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Added some stuff. Take everything for $150 or trade me CLYW

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This is the last of the yoyos that I want to get rid of. Take everything for $100


free bump because this deal is amazing. highly recomend as a seller too.


Updated the title to catch some more eyes, thinking maybe some people thought I was just looking for solely CLYW yoyos.

Krown Ti for sale or trade. Let me know if you’re interested.

Another day has passed.

Thinking about playing Returnal. Still need to beat Persona 3. I’m about halfway through.

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Returnal was Awesome. Challenging at first and runs were very RnG. Once you beat the third biome, you start from biome 4 when you die. Making it a little more manageable and less punishing on your time.


I ended up getting Returnal. Pretty fun so far but I’m only an hour in.

Another day has passed.

Please buy these so I can feed my Caribou addiction

I do deals, I do bundles, I do extras, I do whatever you want, just ask. Except math or directions, I’m very bad at both of those

Another day has passed.

We are closing in on the end.

Sparrow is gone. I’ve lowered the price to $500 for everything. This is for 8 yoyos, including 1 titanium yoyo. I will trade all of this plus more for a Wooly Markmont.

Here is all that’s left for me to find:

Sasquatch (2018)

Bimetal Banana Hammock
Pool Noodle

Wooly Markmont

Basecamp Legend (cabin artwork on the sides)
Basecamp Airwave (bright matte orange)
Basecamp Flight (bright matte orange)
Basecamp California (wood thingies on the cup, like the moonshine 2)
Basecamp Edgeless (metal body AND metal caps)


What does this day have in store for us? I think I’m going to play a game I have not completed before. Here is what I have installed:

Death Stranding
Deus Ex (original with the fan remaster)
Yakuza Kiwami

I will probably just play Dark Souls some more

Please buy yoyos from me so that I have money to buy yoyos from people just like me who are selling yoyos for people to buy because they want money.

If a price is too high, make me an offer. If a price is too low, that will be okay. If you buy two yoyos of a similar price, take $15 off.

Take the Krown Ti, plus another yoyo for $350. Or offer me whatever you think is fair or that you think you could get away with. I am pretty easy going and these yoyos are good.


Stuff still available. Please buy or trade.

Good morning or whichever it is for you. Taking a break on buying right now because my CLYW search has been too successful. So, if you have CLYW I want(need), you can trade me. Or wait until I sell stuff. Whichever

Yoyos are still available, and I am still searching for trades.

Bump for good deals plus the seller seems nice

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I’m pretty nice I think. I try to be.

Stuff still available. All kinds of cool stuff.


I think if nobody buys this stuff I’ll just keep them. They are good yoyos that I enjoy.

I started playing Pikmin. Man I love those little guys. I would do anything for them. I’m playing 2 on Dolphin and quick save before every single fight. Breaks my heart when they get eaten. Or when one of them falls into water. It’s legitimately terrifying.


Keeping the Krown Ti and GOPA. Take the rest of them for $150. Or trade all of them for some stuff on my list