Sold: RCS Showgirl and Recess Komodo (please close)

Hey, guys. I rarely sell or trade yoyos, as I am a hoarder at heart. But I have too many throws now that I rarely play. Here are the first two that I want to move. Both are fine yoyos that I really like but just don’t pick up as often as they deserve. The prices include CONUS shipping and PayPal G&S fees. Take both for $65 shipped. Can listen to offers.

Rain City Skills Showgirl. $40. Well played but no damage of any sort that I can see. No box or any RCS extras, as I got this secondhand myself. Recently replaced the response pads and they protrude ever so slightly (common to this model). So, you will need to break them in or replace with flowable silicone.

Recess Komodo. $35. Another secondhander, so no box. No scuffs, scrapes, dings or other real damage, but some small surface dots - see photos for examples tip of lizard’s tail in first shot and in catch zone in third). Can safely call this one near mint.

Both are pretty darn smooth if I recall, but let me know if you need details about that and I can do a vibe check. Happy to share other photos and answer questions via PM.

I don’t think anyone has created a feedback thread for me, as I have mostly bought here. I did sell one throw to @jsn, who was satisfied with the deal.


That is the truth! I wouldn’t hesitate to deal @Roy_Dodge again. Honestly, I’m tempted to pick up that RCS throw.

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Thanks for giving me a little cred, man. Let me know if you want to talk!

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Both now pending.

Let me know if the showgirl doesn’t go thru. I really shouldn’t but I’m currently obsessed with RCS.

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Sorry, bud. Both are now sold.

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