Sold please close

No damage on the Tinman, fantastic yoyo, just needing some cash because my daughter’s phone broke. If you have a used newer android phone in good condition I might trade.

The Tinman is a titanium yoyo that takes inspiration from the yoyojam Hitman and has a diamond coated finish which makes it finger grind and heavily protects the yoyo. When the apocalypse comes, this yoyo will remain.

Retailed for $299, so let’s try for a quick sale and do $199 shipped PayPal friends and family in the USA only please.


That was one great deal!

Several years ago when I took over Jeff’s yo-yo collection, that was one Of the many gems in the collection. I have a few of the death robots, and they are really, really nice. Come to think of it, one of the death robots I have was part of the collection also. That’s how I ended up with two of those a few months into throwing various yo-yos in the collection I adopted I decided to throw the tin man. Boy was surprise. It’s such a good yo-yo. I’m not skilled enough to tell you that it’s a great yo-yo. But I’m good enough to tell you. It’s a damn good yo-yo.
So for that giveaway price, congratulations to the lucky buyer.