SOLD! Please close!

Bundle both throws for $50!

Hello! Shockingly I once again managed to spend too much on throws, and now need to send some back into the wild to recoup costs! Prices are shipped CONUS with PayPal G&S fees included, if that’s the route you’d like to take.

Feedback thread can be found here!

The Goods:

Luftverk Hybrid Fulvia - White w/ Anodized Blue Rings - $40

Tiny pinprick on one of the rings, and a weird orange discoloration in one of the cups. Comes with original box.

Duncan Freehand AL - Blue w/ Pink Caps - $30

Blemish free. Comes in original box.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or are interested in any of the throws here. Thanks for browsing!


Aaaaaaand sold! If someone could please close this I’d appreciate it!

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