Sold please close

Hello there. I dont think ill be returning this time. Ive been on and off the hobby for some time now but im trying to direct my focus into other things these days. I would like these yoyos to get used and someone fetch a bargain as well.

I have a b grade Fusion- for a small nick on one half but smoooth.

Battosai. Minor scuffs and a some nail vibe.

  1. Near mint. Smooth.

No yoyos have a box

40$ each

Any 2 for 70$

Take all 3 for 90$

Payment will be F&F paypal. I assure you im a trusted seller and will have them shipped 24-48 hours after purchase.


Oh no stay with us (again)!


Haha. I know its been a back and forth thing with me but ive slowly been stopping this time around and feel like im just done. I appreciate the open arms in this community. A lot of you have been very kind to me.


Thank you for being with the community and hope you find something more suitable for you. I am also on and off with this for a while I was having the same thought since collecting takes many effort to get things I want and some are quite not nice or quite immature in doing business with.

Bump for good sale and wish you all the best


Never good losing a good guy. See you another day :hugs:


I dropped out for many years. I just kept my throws and stuff in boxes stored away and basically had one or 2 throws out for years to throw, and did not throw very often. Other life things took president some things were good other things not so good. I returned to the yo-yo life and do not regret coming back, I enjoy the forum community good, bad and ugly.
I hope to see your return story on the form sooner than later.

Hang on to at least one throw…

It will happen something like this… it will be a nice day, a car will pull up along side… you will notice someone you are familiar, a friend, they will open the car door to offer you a ride, in their hand they will have a throw…

For that day

Keep the 138 it will serve the purpose well


I second this comment!! Here’s hoping you find the passion again. Good luck with all things!!


Best of luck! Maybe some day we’ll cross paths again. I actually haven’t heard of any of these yo-yos before. Who makes the Fusion? I know Dazzling Dave has a Fusion yo-yo, but it looks totally different than this.


The Fusion is a collab from Dressel Designs x Damian Puckett.

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Bump. They dont have to go as a bundle either. Ill take any reasonable offer on the yoyos individually

Crazy good deal this…

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At least have a couple for visitors, and help them before they break something.

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Bump for prices and new bundle deal. Please read description in post.

40$ for each

70$ for any 2

90$ for ALL 3

Shipping included

All sold please close