SOLD Luftverk X CLYW Tundra AMS2488 #10/25

Hey y’all, been hit super hard financially this past month and a bit, so I unfortunately have to part with one of the yoyos I thought I’d be taking to my deathbed…

Only ever been thrown a handful of times so it’s 100% like-new, and is absolutely perfectly smooth on both the nail and string, even by aluminum standards, which is a very hard quality to find in titanium throws. Comes perfectly tuned by yours truly and with a Luftverk full ceramic bearing, as well as everything else it originally sold with, pictured above.

600$ USD including shipping anywhere within Canada or the US, PayPal only.

DM me with any questions you might have, and thanks for looking!


Beautiful yoyo and fair price, good luck!


Bump 12!


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