Luftverk Micra Multiform SOLD


I have one more Luftverk left…. I’ve sold everything else I needed to. This is the last yoyo I’ll be selling off.

This one was bought brand new, comes with everything as included from Luftverk. Yoyo was played with for minutes then put away safely. Under a bright light it may have a superficial mark that’s so small I cannot photograph it. It came from the factory like that so I’m thinking it’s just part of the finish. I have to look it over several times to find it. It may not be anything at all, just mentioning it.

I paid $385US for this. I’m blowing this out for $190 shipped within North America (that’s like just $170 for the yoyo.) You will not find a cheaper price on a Luftverk titanium.

PayPal g+s preferred. Shipped tracked and insured as always. Please see my feedback, and contact with any questions, thank you.


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