SOLD Here's Your Inexpensive Mailday

This bundle of three metal unresponsive yoyos can be yours for $20. Price includes shipping and PayPal G&S Fees. Only available for shipping within the Continental U.S.A.

bundle1_a bundle1_b

I’ve owned each of these for a long time and I never play them, so it’s time to move them along. Each one was purchased new by me, and has less than an hour of play time. Details, going left to right.

  • Yoyo Zeekio Prism - Has an ano blemish that does not break surface, and cannot be felt, as shown on the right side of this yoyo in the bottom picture (I think it came to me this way). Plays great.

  • TopYo Collosus III - No damage, plays great.

  • Yoyofactory B Grade Popstar - No damage, pretty darn smooth for a tiny throw.

Please message me if interested.




If it falls through hmu I’ll take it

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This sale is complete .