[Sold] FS: Flame, M10, Sagittarius, Futura, TM, Hotdiggidy,


Trying to sell some yoyos that I seldom use… All together for $99 USD include shipping (Prefer US and Canada for now). Here they are (from right to left):

Yoyofactory Flame: B-grade, 8/10 smooth, with a full ceramic bearing.
Magicyoyo M10: 8/10 smooth. Barely used.
Ahay SAGITTARIUS: 10/10 smooth. Never unscrewed. Barely used.
Yoyorecreation Futura: 9/10 smooth. Got it from YYR Lucky box. Never unscrewed. Barely used.
Yoyorecreation TM: 9/10 smooth. Got it from YYR Lucky box. Never unscrewed. Barely used.
Magicyoyo M07 Hotdiggidy: 7/10 smooth (but no string vibe). Barely used.

I guess I’m really into the light/speedy yoyo world and barely use any of them…

The shipping fee is just way to high to sell them separately. So they are sold TOGETHER for $99. Shipping on me. Shipped from Vancouver. Ping me if you need more info/images.


@jjdddn1 Hey there. I’m very interested… On the sunshine coast right across the ferry from Horseshoe Bay. This is my 1st time using this service. Hoping we can make an arrangement.

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Hi! It’s my first time selling online as well so if anyone have a good idea about how to have a safe trade let me know!
I could take Paypal or Interac. I’ll have to ask for money first though…
Or if you are willing to drive to downtown Vancouver then we can trade face to face as well (although I’m not sure if that’s preferred due to the Covid 19)…

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If you’re a new user, you will need to wait a bit, make a few more posts before the DM option is available. I’m not sure the exact conditions, unfortunately.

As far as guidelines on a fair, safe sale, it’s worth reading this post (whether selling, buying, or trading):

So sorry they’ve been sold last night.

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