SOLD: Delrin and modern responsives for dirt cheap (Alleycat, Thing, Notus)

FS!! All the prices are shipped CONUS. Contact me for international prices, but i don’t tend to ask more than the set prices. I’ll entertain offers if you buy more than one yoyo. Actually I encourage you to do so, so you and me both save money (:

  • YoyoEmpire Notus - $25

Mint. Delrin. Barely played. Extremely smooth. Comfiest organic ever

  • CoreCo. OG Alleycat - $20

Black. Very smooth (9.5/10). Tiniest flatspot ever.

  • Toybania Thing - $20

Delrin. Black. Machined by YoyoEmpire. Size C bearing (Includes a half spec one, but i could include a quality full size CT in there for $5 extra). Remarkably smooth (9/10). Super tiny flatspot/scratch.

Take all three for $55.

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Everything SOLD!!! Please close!

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