selling plastic,metal,delrin, mods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(2Sick Joey) #1


Silk- offer

Reshaped boltleg- 1 chip in the plastic. $15

Modded squirrel- schmooved and dual sili recessed, no bearing though. $20

Kickside-dyed and it has the mold marks and a few dings but plays very well. $12

Delrin noctu- man this right here hurts me to even mention this. I love this thing to death. Custom done by landon balk. It will take a great offer to get this. Has a small vibe but most custom made yoyos do. Plays very well. Offer

culater-scratches and scuffs. great player $35

nimbus-satined rims, had some dings. very faint vibe $35

for bundles pm me and I will get u a good deal. If u buy a bundle over $60. Ill include the silk for free!!!

prices are shipped. i only accept paypal and ONLY U.S BUYERS

Im also selling a one of a kind san diego charger themed john higby painting. Its 8x12 I believe. Its beautiful and I love it. Im looking for 55 shipped. That how much I payed at least that’s wat I want. It looks the same way as I got it.if u need pics pm me and ill get u some

(Connor) #2

I would totally buy it all if i had a spare 100 bucks, that is a steal. I want it so bad lol


Erm… don’t say I want it?

(Connor) #4

You wont believe it! About 30 minutes after i made that post I got paid…100 dollars. lol!! I will seriously consider this!

(2Sick Joey) #5

the culater and nimbus for 70shipped plus the free silk for buying both

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(yokaiyo) #7

How much would the delrin Noctu start at?

keep spinning


(2Sick Joey) #8

dont hae it anymore just like most of the things in this thread

(JonasK) #9

Then edit it out of the original post or move it to the archive.


I need that CUlater!!!

(Connor) #11

What would you like for that Nimbus?

(2Sick Joey) #12

guys this post is old i dont have almost none of these

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Then delete or move to archive. I also see that you have another BST thread up here. Please try to keep our BST as clean as possible.

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