SOLD - CLYW x Luftverk, One Drop

Selling two beautiful yoyos that I just don’t play enough.

SOLDCLYW x Luftverk - Alpine. This is in beautiful shape and is an incredible player, there are a few handling marks on the rims (one photo’d, they’re just visible, cant be felt) but no damage. Very smooth, loaded with an NSK Micro center track bearing and comes with all original packaging, patch, certificate, and string. Lucky number 13. $350 shipped USPS Priority, G&S fees included.

SOLDOne Drop - Aitch, Saturday Market color. Beautiful example of the Aitch, which is one of the best examples of the H shaped yoyo. No damage, very smooth comes with original box and string. $60 shipped USPS Priority, G&S fess included.


both yoyos have sold, thanks all!