Sochi vs Alpha Line

Pretty much what the title say. I have some Sochi (xl) and I want to get some alpha line. How do they compere. I understand that alpha line is thinner then xl between normal and fat. But how soft it is compered with Sochi. I really like Sochi because is soft and I don’t get string burns on my finger. Also how much does it last ?

I don’t know about Sochi string but I can compare it to Fat Kitty Sting. Alpha Line isn’t as soft but still very comfortable. The reason I like it is that it lasts a long time. For me, it seems to play well in the 4.5mm gap range (with the rest of my setup).

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Compared to the Sochi XL, I highly doubt the Alphaline would be softer. Thicker strings are almost always much softer than thinner strings and the Alphaline is much thinner than Sochi XL. Compared to Sochi normal however, the Alphaline is indeed softer thanks to it being thicker. I find that it whips better, holds tension better and feels better on the string compared to Sochi normal. For me, bulk string always lasts about 2 hours because my sweaty palms just ruins strings super quickly but the Alphaline lasts much longer, about twice as long or even more, so I think it’s worth the increase in price.


I don’t think the Alphaline will give you problems as far as string burns, it’s not real soft but it is really slick IMO. It almost has a sort of oiled feel to it although I don’t think the string is actually oily.



It is actually oily. I get my yoyo oily, and everything else I touch after I play with the yoyo oily. I always have to wash my hands after playing yoyo because Sochi strings in general (including Alphaline) have a layer of oil on them. Once that layer of oil is gone it gets much, much rougher.


Thank you for your response. I don’t fell the XL as oily I don’t get any kinds of oil on my hand after playing with it. But for my standards it is a very soft string. I usually gat string burns and this one is great although the XL is a bit too thick for some yoyos so I am looking for something more thin

Interesting, then I think the Sochi Fat would be more suited for your needs. It’s thinner, but not as thin and it’s still pretty soft.