(Owen) #1

The Geladas new colors…


are cool.

(SR) #3



I kind of like them, they’re different.


They are amazing!!!

Rotton apple is awesome!


I like Orange Muddy…or whatever it’s called.

Regal is the ugliest colorway I have ever seen. So is Kikazaru.

So I guess these colors are half good and half bad.


Don’t much like the Kikazaru or the Jungle Boogie but I don’t mind the rest of them.


(WildCat23) #8

I love the jungle boogie


I never understood the whole crazy anno thing. A simple, clean, solid color anno always looks the best, in my opinion.

Dual tone yoyos are about the craziest thing I can do.

(Owen) #10

Yeah, I agree. But I think having at least ONE of the novelty colored yoyos is a MUST HAVE for a Yoyo case.


personally I think that these monkey finger crazy splash designs are cool. these new gelada color ways are some of my favorites ever I think